Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What to Look for When Selecting a Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist can help anyone achieve a more attractive smile but finding a qualified professional is often a challenge for consumers. Selecting the right dentist is an important first step and something that deserves the proper research.

Consumers must be confident the professional they choose is properly qualified and experienced in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Certain procedures are permanent and it is important to find someone who will get it right the first time.

Get Referrals from Your Dentist and Friends

Your regular dentist will be able to refer you to cosmetic dentists in your area. This type of referral is valuable because your dentist is already familiar with your gums and teeth and will know what procedures will be most helpful.
Family members and trusted friends who have had similar dental work may be able to recommend a professional.

Prepare for a Consultation

Doing research before your consultation with the cosmetic dentist will help you ask all the right questions. You must know if the dentist you speak to has experience with dental reconstruction. Some professionals may recommend the patient see a specialist for some treatments.

Patients should ask about the size of the practice and be able to inspect photos of other patients before and after their procedure.

A qualified professional should have access to the latest imaging equipment to help evaluate the condition of the mouth and recommend procedures that can help. Find out if the office uses caries detection machines, CAD/CAM restoration software and lasers.

The AACD is an organization that oversees ethical standards in the industry. The organization accredits only qualified applicants. For best results, find a cosmetic dentist who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Schedule a Consultation

The initial consultation allows the dentist to find out what you want to change about your smile. During this meeting, the dentist will recommend procedures and let you know what you can reasonably expect to achieve.

Some professionals will ask you to look through a book with photos showing patients before and after various procedures. This will give you a good idea of the different procedures available and what kind of results to expect.

Modern cosmetic dentists utilize computer software that will allow you to review the current condition of your teeth and give you a good idea what a specific procedure can do for you.

Finding a skilled dentist will yield the best results, so patients should take their time choosing a professional.

Get a Copy of Your Records

Patients should have a copy of dental records with them when consulting with a cosmetic dentist. These records will help the professional to recommend suitable procedures based on your individual needs.

Records should include teeth impressions, photos and X-rays produced from your most recent oral examination.

Understanding the Diagnosis

Ask as many questions as necessary to understand the diagnosis and recommended course of action. There may be alternative treatments that will achieve the same results. Be sure you know about those as well.

The dentist should provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the treatment you decide to undergo.

Cost for Treatment

Make sure you are clear about the costs involved and any available financing options. This conversation will sometimes take place with the office manager instead of the dental professional.

Many dental insurance policies do not cover costs for cosmetic dental procedures but some clinics will offer a payment plan to qualified patients.

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